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I have a Presario 2800. pleasant Laptop, but my movie is getting troubles. If I plug in an exterior watch, it displays correctly externally. However, on the Liquid crystal display screen, It's really a gentle aqumarine blue, having a thick space (one/3 the display) down the middle staying a lighter blue. When I strike the ENTER essential, some vertical traces look down the center of the middle blueish location, if i strike the ENTER critical once again, they disapear and it goes again to staying just blueish. I reseated all of the cables, and to no avail. If I unplug the remaining hand ribbon cable that originates from the videoboard, the Liquid crystal display is simply all blue, If I unplug the proper hand cable, which powers the inverter, I see only black Which’s with or without the need of my Maglight shining into it.

I might check if thermal grease within the CPU is still good and reapply it if desired. Not sure if it’s about to enable, but in any case it’s well worth hoping.

I'm able to load my laptop computer around the start up monitor then following that it goes green and the only way i will get to my information is although my task manger what can i do?

Hook up an external watch and switch about the laptop computer. If you can see the same pink tint over the external keep an eye on, then it could be related to the motherboard (movie card).

Test the laptop computer using an external monitor. Do you see the exact same dotted grid of blue strains to the external monitor or they seem only on The interior Liquid crystal display monitor? If exterior video is fine, You may have an issue Along with the notebook screen.

For those who have hair-like vertical traces that go away whenever you push within the monitor, then more than likely which the display failure.

Hi I have a Satellite p35-s605,which has formulated a red horizontal line about the display,when connected to an ext check there is no line,guess Liquid crystal display dilemma even have reinstaled the os and drivers,

just an update, but disassembling the LCD and re-seating the connections together with the inverter seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for the suggestions.

Along with the bezel off, & the Liquid crystal display in my arms, I dare’d to the touch in which it says usually do not contact around the higher electronics with the Liquid crystal display Display screen, making use of Mild stress in the area closest for the Doing the job side from the display screen resulted in a hundred% display functionality, now Tips on how to rig it to operate although getting put in. I basically applied a Adhesive Skid Protector instead of a protecting pad which is frequently Incredibly delicate, & would give in a few days, the skid protector is very rigid, but nevertheless relatively spongy, applied to Every space essential, where by stress was used (mine only necessary one, near the center with the display, There exists a modest bar/semi-conductor/some thing if you tear down sites a cracked LCD you should have an idea of what I'm referring to, where the Circuit board is connected to the Liquid crystal display through a Thin Ribbon, intrigutive ribbon I might include.

If you suspect the trouble is warmth connected, consider cleaning up the heatsink. Blow from the heatsink with compressed air.

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